So recently I was approached by a company called Geopetric and asked if I wanted to take a look at their products so I thought why not??!! 

Let me tell you a little about Geopetrics…. 

It’s a brand that provides pet wear that is cruelty free, vegan friendly pet products. 10% of all sales is donated to animal rescue and adoption centers all over the world! I know what your thinking!! That’s really cool 😎 

So my human got me this cooling bandana…What do you think?? I think I like it! 

Now it comes with instructions for use which are really easy to follow… 

and it quite big! 

It even fits my big brother Rolo!! But he can’t have it as it’s mine!!

They do many other things like collars and leads, even things for cats and humans!! So we can all match!! 

Here are a few of their products, these ones match my bandana but they do other designs too! 

They also do cool accessories like this bow tie!! 
So why don’t you pop over to their website and take a look! Oh and don’t forget to use the code LACEY for 20% off your purchase!

Now all you pets can look cool like me!! 

That’s all for now, see you soon! 


Paw Pool party……

Hello everyone! Here in the U.K. We are having a heatwave! It’s so warmβ˜€οΈ.

With temperatures reaching scorching 30 degrees upwards I’m getting a little uncomfortable! Dee has the air blower things (she calls them fans) on all the time and I take any opportunity to hog it as much as possible!!

Dee also got a cooling mat! I’m supposed to lay on it and it cools me down but I’m not too sure to be honest! I know…… I will lay next to it and think about using it!! πŸ˜‚

The other thing Dee got was a pool! I know, I’m one lucky pup! Here is my first time in it.

Now I love water like most dogs but this is a really big bath!! Oops mean pool! Let me see if I can walk around……..​​

​As you can hear my human is trying to persuade my big brother Rolo to come and get in as well! 

So I think I have the hang of walking around in the pool, what do you think? ​

​It feels a bit weird but I think I’m starting to like it! 

What’s next you say? Well Dee has arranged for me to bring my besties over to have a little pool party!!!! Woohooo!!! Let me warn you though, it’s their first time in a pool, here is how it went!! Willow went first and I think she was a little worried by it so I helped her get up onto the seat so she could decide whether she wanted to take a dip I will just sit here and wait while she decides……..

Next in in Zen  Now all three of is are on the seat!! Zen then decides to also show Willow that it isn’t too bad once you get right in!!! See Willow it’s not too bad! And I’m now supervising from the side.

He quickly jumps back up to reassure Willow…Follow him in Willow he is showing you the way! Have a look at Zen! Walking around the pool! Now with a little help from her human daddy Willow sees if she can swim! ​​

​​I even jump in to help but I really don’t think she is all to comfortable with it! 

Let’s try again…..​

​Well maybe next time it will be a bit better.

We did try a pool conga line though!! 

After the pool we got out and got dried off then it was PLAYTIME!!!!!!!!! ​


After such a great party Willow and Zen went home and me and my humans relaxed in the garden, Dee even lit the fire pit, so we could enjoy the firelight and relax into the evening  β€‹

​I think I might move a little closer to enjoy the warmth and light! 

Well that’s all for now, thank you for reading, until next time remember to stay cool!


Ready for a run!Β 

I’m an active girl and I love running everywhere!! 

Because of this Dee decided to get me my very own sportswear! First up is my shoes, you can’t go running without the correct footwear! 

Now how do you walk in these things??? Is it like this?? ​

​Even Rolo isn’t sure!   

Next up is the tracksuit, every girl needs a tracksuit to exercise!

Be honest now! What do you think? 

And lastly you need sunglasses 😎 just in case it’s a little too sunny outside, nobody likes to have the sun in their eyes! 

So who wants to see what the whole outfit looks like???? 

Ok, are you ready? Here goes…….

Be honest now! What do you think? I know, I look soooooo cool! Best dressed puppy on the block! 

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading.

Until next time.


Shoo dog treats……

If you have seen my last blog post you will know that I got a few things in my box! One of those was some treats by a company called SHOO Natural!

Let me tell you a little about them, they make all natural products suitable for vegans for pooches and their owners! That’s right pooches AND owners!

I received their natural beet and carrot chips and thought I would give them a try!

They come in a bright fun box that caught my eye!Β 

On the back of the box there is all the information about the treats inside, as I am a dog and can’t read, Dee kindly had a look for me to see what’s inside!Β 

If you are health conscious like me 😏 these treats seem like a great addition to your diet!

No let’s see what’s in the box…….

Mmmmmmm as soon as Dee opened the packet I could smell the yummy flavors! They smell similar to the hand cooked natural human crisps that only humans are allowed! Here is a closer look at the crisps…

Now for a taste test

YUMMY!!!! They taste great! These are the ones that I WONT be sharing with my brothers!

Dee tried them herself and was a little skeptical at first but says that they taste really good, they are crunchy and just like other handmade crisp brands and healthy so she doesn’t feel naughty stealing a few!

HEY! Put them down they are mine! Don’t eat them all! I think I might have to limit how many my humans can eat otherwise there won’t be enough for me!

I’m keeping them close by so I can make sure no one else steals my yummy crisps!

Head on over to their website to take a look at their other products which include paw balms and natural shampoos!

Or check out their instagram page @Shoo_natural

Thanks for reading!


Vivadogs box!!Β 

So Dee ordered me a Vivadogs box and it’s finally arrived!! I can smell what’s inside! 

Come on Dee open it, open it OPEN IT!!!! 

Now your teasing me! 

It’s open!! Let me see what’s inside!

Ok so first is the noisy blue hippo toy! It squeaks! It’s a Hartz zoo ball! 

Next is another toy!!! It’s a 7mut soda crunch bottle toy, it’s a cover for a plastic bottle that makes it into a fun toy! 

Up next is every dogs favorite thing! That’s right…… TREATS!!!!!!!!! 

So first out of the box is the pack of Good Boy deli bites and they are yummy! 

Next up is the carrot and beet treats, they are by a company called Shoo and if I’m feeling nice I can even share them with my humans! 

And lastly are the Biozoo mini bones mmmmmm yummy! 

Dee tells me that we get all this for only Β£19 per month, I’m a chewer so Dee says that I get an extra toy in each months box, there are a few different options to choose from depending on the size of dog and how long you want the subscription for, also you can pay extra for an additional toy! The box comes in the post wrapped and ready to open! 

Check out their website  or if outside the U.K 

They also have a instagram account for you to check out @vivadogs_uk (if your in the U.K) or search instagram @vivadogs_  and your country should be listed.

Stay tuned for more blog posts! 

Thank you readers and until next time


Tasty treats from Top Collar…..

A few weeks ago I was contacted through my instagram page by Top Collar Treats, they said they would ‘love to send me a free doggy box’ so I thought πŸ’­ why not?? 

So I gave my details and waited for my treats to come………

While waiting the kind lady from Top Collar contacted me to let me know when they should be arriving. 

Top Collar treats are hand made gluten free treats with some awesome flavors, when you subscribe with them they send out a pack of treats each month with some awesome flavors! I will go into more detail further down.

The postman arrived with them!!! I knew they were mine as my picture was on the box!!!! 

I couldn’t wait to open them and try them out! This months flavor was steak and chips! Mmmmmmm yummy πŸ˜‹ 

All the info is clear on the packaging, here is a look πŸ‘€ at the back.  And they even tell you what the next flavor is going to be! I can’t wait! 

So Dee kindly opened the pickup for me (as I have paws with no thumbs) and this is what I found inside….

Lovely heart shaped crunchy treats! I couldn’t wait to try them out! And boy are they good! I even shared them with my brothers! Only one though, they are too good to keep giving away!! 

So some of the flavors they have done are, beef Wellington, cheese biscuits, Sunday roast, chicken tagine and full English!! I am so excited to try as many flavors as I can!! 

Thank you Top Collar for my yummy tasty treats! 

Feel free to visit their instagram page @topcollarbox 

Also visit their Facebook page don’t forget to like the page!  

Or pop along to their website 

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading