New start……….

Hi everyone, as you all know nearly a year ago we welcomed Alfie into the family and wow what a great year it’s been!!!!

Here we are when we first greeted Alfie into the family

He quickly became a firm part of the family and I loved having someone to play with all the time!!

We sleep together (he makes a comfy pillow!)

we play dress upwe love holding paws!here we are sleeping again but this time Alfie is using me as a pillow!

We have pyjama parties! (Just the two of us)

Alfie gives me washes and makes sure I’m all clean, especially my ears! I love when he does this

We love playtime!!

We travel in the car together

Sleeping again!! This time in front of the fire keeping warm together.

So that’s some of the things we have got up to in our first year together, we love each other and spend all of our time together, we have become inseparable!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures as they happen!



Hi everyone!! 

So Dee entered me into an online dog show called “Barking Storms online Pet Show”. Dee said that it was Β£1 per entry and all proceeds would be going to Hilbrae dog rescue. 

Well guess what??!! I won a prize!!! Although I didn’t come first 😒 I did come 5th!!!! With this great entry! 

So I came fifth place in the best dressed category and I couldn’t be happier!!!  

Here I am with my rosette!  WINNER!!!! 

I’m really happy that I placed in this show and it was for a great cause! 

Barking storm managed to raise over Β£400 for a really good cause!! I can’t wait to see if there is another show I can enter! 

Please visit my friend Barking Storms blog and have a look at the adventures that this pooch goes on! Just click on the name to take a peek! 

Thank you Barking Storm for my rosette and for raising money for a great charity! 


It’s been a while….

Hi everyone, remember me??? 

I know right??!! How could you forget? 😊 

Firstly let me apologize for not writing my blog, as you remember we welcomed Alfie into the pack and we have all been busy adjusting and teaching him all the rules and also PLAYTIME!!!!!!!!!

Alfie has been to see the vets a few times and recently had blood tests done to see what he is allergic to because he has been soooo itchy, once we get the results I will do an update post. He had to wear the cone of shame but it was uncomfortable so Dee got him a donut of shame! He also had to wear baby grows to stop him from making himself bleed.  Haha Alfie you look funny πŸ˜‚ 

So he doesn’t feel too bad Dee got me some pj’s too and I thought I would join the trend 

I know what your thinking, we are real trendsetters!!!!! 

So that it for now, but I will be back soon so keep reading!!! 


September Vivadogs!Β 

It’s that time again……..

That’s right time to reveal this months Vivadogs Box!! 

As always the box comes packaged to a high standard..

I can’t wait to see what’s inside!!!! Quick open it Dee!!! 

I’m soooooo excited but Dee said I have to wait before I can get anything out! 

I’m waiting…… come on let me get to the goodies inside please!! ​


So what’s inside my box of goodies this month?? 

I will begin with………Biazoo snack, this is 5 chicken flavored rolls, they smell nice but Dee said I have to wait before I can try them 😑

Next up is……..Snackys chicken treats, I’ve had these before and really liked them, Dee let’s me have some when we are training and they are yummy! 

So what’s next in the box you ask??…It’s a Kong squeaker tennis ball!! Now what dog doesn’t like a ball??!! And to top it off this one squeaks!!! I can’t wait to take it to the park and play!!! 

Next is…..A Kong huggz soft toy, now it’s a squeaker but has minimal stuffing and apparently when punctured still squeaks!! I can’t wait to test this one out! 

And now we have…..

A natural hazelnut tree stick by one of my favorite companies Shoo Naturals!! I will do a separate post for this one as I love Shoo Naturals products!!! 

Well that’s this months box so until next time…..


This months vivadogs box…

So it’s that time of the month again! My Vivadogs box arrived!!! 

Who wants to see what I got inside???? 

Come on Dee!!! Open it already! 

Come on….. come on…….

Dee said she has to show you what’s inside before I can dive in!! So here it is! 

Have you had a look??? Good now I can see! 

Here I am waiting patiently with my box!! 

And now I’m allowed to investigate! 

These is such good things inside! Toys and treats!! Also some sticky sheets but I don’t know what they are.

The toys this month are……….

A long squeezz, it’s squishy and has a squeaker and as you all know us dogs love a squeaker!!! 

Next up is…….

Rosewood Biosafe toy, this one doesn’t squeak but smells amazing!!! Very fruity and I can really sink my teeth into it! Dee says that it will help me keep my teeth clean and she can put some treats inside for me!! I just have to make sure that my brothers don’t get too many of them! 

I love my monthly box from Vivadogs!! Thank you again for my wonderful box filled with such goodies! 

Visit the vivadogs website to have a look and maybe persuade your humans to get one for you!!!

Stay tuned for next months box! 

Welcome to the family…..

Guess what??!! 

Go on take a guess

Ok ok I will tell you, so Dee went out today for AGES!! And when she came home she wasn’t alone! 

Let me introduce you to my little brother Alfie!!! 

Alfie is six months old and he is a French bulldog, just like me!! 

What do you think? He is a handsome boy!! We are quickly becoming best buddies and he can keep up with me when I want to play!!! ​


I think he is going to fit right in here!! So please everyone say a big hello to my new brother Alfie!!

You will be hearing from both of us now!! So stay tuned and until next time!