It’s been a while….

Hi everyone, remember me??? 

I know right??!! How could you forget? 😊 

Firstly let me apologize for not writing my blog, as you remember we welcomed Alfie into the pack and we have all been busy adjusting and teaching him all the rules and also PLAYTIME!!!!!!!!!

Alfie has been to see the vets a few times and recently had blood tests done to see what he is allergic to because he has been soooo itchy, once we get the results I will do an update post. He had to wear the cone of shame but it was uncomfortable so Dee got him a donut of shame! He also had to wear baby grows to stop him from making himself bleed.  Haha Alfie you look funny 😂 

So he doesn’t feel too bad Dee got me some pj’s too and I thought I would join the trend 

I know what your thinking, we are real trendsetters!!!!! 

So that it for now, but I will be back soon so keep reading!!! 


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