September Vivadogs! 

It’s that time again……..

That’s right time to reveal this months Vivadogs Box!! 

As always the box comes packaged to a high standard..

I can’t wait to see what’s inside!!!! Quick open it Dee!!! 

I’m soooooo excited but Dee said I have to wait before I can get anything out! 

I’m waiting…… come on let me get to the goodies inside please!! ​

So what’s inside my box of goodies this month?? 

I will begin with………Biazoo snack, this is 5 chicken flavored rolls, they smell nice but Dee said I have to wait before I can try them 😡

Next up is……..Snackys chicken treats, I’ve had these before and really liked them, Dee let’s me have some when we are training and they are yummy! 

So what’s next in the box you ask??…It’s a Kong squeaker tennis ball!! Now what dog doesn’t like a ball??!! And to top it off this one squeaks!!! I can’t wait to take it to the park and play!!! 

Next is…..A Kong huggz soft toy, now it’s a squeaker but has minimal stuffing and apparently when punctured still squeaks!! I can’t wait to test this one out! 

And now we have…..

A natural hazelnut tree stick by one of my favorite companies Shoo Naturals!! I will do a separate post for this one as I love Shoo Naturals products!!! 

Well that’s this months box so until next time…..


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