This months vivadogs box…

So it’s that time of the month again! My Vivadogs box arrived!!! 

Who wants to see what I got inside???? 

Come on Dee!!! Open it already! 

Come on….. come on…….

Dee said she has to show you what’s inside before I can dive in!! So here it is! 

Have you had a look??? Good now I can see! 

Here I am waiting patiently with my box!! 

And now I’m allowed to investigate! 

These is such good things inside! Toys and treats!! Also some sticky sheets but I don’t know what they are.

The toys this month are……….

A long squeezz, it’s squishy and has a squeaker and as you all know us dogs love a squeaker!!! 

Next up is…….

Rosewood Biosafe toy, this one doesn’t squeak but smells amazing!!! Very fruity and I can really sink my teeth into it! Dee says that it will help me keep my teeth clean and she can put some treats inside for me!! I just have to make sure that my brothers don’t get too many of them! 

I love my monthly box from Vivadogs!! Thank you again for my wonderful box filled with such goodies! 

Visit the vivadogs website to have a look and maybe persuade your humans to get one for you!!!

Stay tuned for next months box! 

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