Paw Pool party……

Hello everyone! Here in the U.K. We are having a heatwave! It’s so warm☀️.

With temperatures reaching scorching 30 degrees upwards I’m getting a little uncomfortable! Dee has the air blower things (she calls them fans) on all the time and I take any opportunity to hog it as much as possible!!

Dee also got a cooling mat! I’m supposed to lay on it and it cools me down but I’m not too sure to be honest! I know…… I will lay next to it and think about using it!! 😂

The other thing Dee got was a pool! I know, I’m one lucky pup! Here is my first time in it.

Now I love water like most dogs but this is a really big bath!! Oops mean pool! Let me see if I can walk around……..​​

​As you can hear my human is trying to persuade my big brother Rolo to come and get in as well! 

So I think I have the hang of walking around in the pool, what do you think? ​

​It feels a bit weird but I think I’m starting to like it! 

What’s next you say? Well Dee has arranged for me to bring my besties over to have a little pool party!!!! Woohooo!!! Let me warn you though, it’s their first time in a pool, here is how it went!! Willow went first and I think she was a little worried by it so I helped her get up onto the seat so she could decide whether she wanted to take a dip I will just sit here and wait while she decides……..

Next in in Zen  Now all three of is are on the seat!! Zen then decides to also show Willow that it isn’t too bad once you get right in!!! See Willow it’s not too bad! And I’m now supervising from the side.

He quickly jumps back up to reassure Willow…Follow him in Willow he is showing you the way! Have a look at Zen! Walking around the pool! Now with a little help from her human daddy Willow sees if she can swim! ​​

​​I even jump in to help but I really don’t think she is all to comfortable with it! 

Let’s try again…..​

​Well maybe next time it will be a bit better.

We did try a pool conga line though!! 

After the pool we got out and got dried off then it was PLAYTIME!!!!!!!!! ​

After such a great party Willow and Zen went home and me and my humans relaxed in the garden, Dee even lit the fire pit, so we could enjoy the firelight and relax into the evening  ​

​I think I might move a little closer to enjoy the warmth and light! 

Well that’s all for now, thank you for reading, until next time remember to stay cool!


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