Ready for a run! 

I’m an active girl and I love running everywhere!! 

Because of this Dee decided to get me my very own sportswear! First up is my shoes, you can’t go running without the correct footwear! 

Now how do you walk in these things??? Is it like this?? ​

​Even Rolo isn’t sure!   

Next up is the tracksuit, every girl needs a tracksuit to exercise!

Be honest now! What do you think? 

And lastly you need sunglasses 😎 just in case it’s a little too sunny outside, nobody likes to have the sun in their eyes! 

So who wants to see what the whole outfit looks like???? 

Ok, are you ready? Here goes…….

Be honest now! What do you think? I know, I look soooooo cool! Best dressed puppy on the block! 

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading.

Until next time.


8 thoughts on “Ready for a run! ”

  1. I know she is a dog and she is treated very well, she is loved. This is not a daily occurrence and she doesn’t go out like this, if you read the other posts you will see that


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