Shoo dog treats……

If you have seen my last blog post you will know that I got a few things in my box! One of those was some treats by a company called SHOO Natural!

Let me tell you a little about them, they make all natural products suitable for vegans for pooches and their owners! That’s right pooches AND owners!

I received their natural beet and carrot chips and thought I would give them a try!

They come in a bright fun box that caught my eye! 

On the back of the box there is all the information about the treats inside, as I am a dog and can’t read, Dee kindly had a look for me to see what’s inside! 

If you are health conscious like me 😏 these treats seem like a great addition to your diet!

No let’s see what’s in the box…….

Mmmmmmm as soon as Dee opened the packet I could smell the yummy flavors! They smell similar to the hand cooked natural human crisps that only humans are allowed! Here is a closer look at the crisps…

Now for a taste test

YUMMY!!!! They taste great! These are the ones that I WONT be sharing with my brothers!

Dee tried them herself and was a little skeptical at first but says that they taste really good, they are crunchy and just like other handmade crisp brands and healthy so she doesn’t feel naughty stealing a few!

HEY! Put them down they are mine! Don’t eat them all! I think I might have to limit how many my humans can eat otherwise there won’t be enough for me!

I’m keeping them close by so I can make sure no one else steals my yummy crisps!

Head on over to their website to take a look at their other products which include paw balms and natural shampoos!

Or check out their instagram page @Shoo_natural

Thanks for reading!


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