Vivadogs box!! 

So Dee ordered me a Vivadogs box and it’s finally arrived!! I can smell what’s inside! 

Come on Dee open it, open it OPEN IT!!!! 

Now your teasing me! 

It’s open!! Let me see what’s inside!

Ok so first is the noisy blue hippo toy! It squeaks! It’s a Hartz zoo ball! 

Next is another toy!!! It’s a 7mut soda crunch bottle toy, it’s a cover for a plastic bottle that makes it into a fun toy! 

Up next is every dogs favorite thing! That’s right…… TREATS!!!!!!!!! 

So first out of the box is the pack of Good Boy deli bites and they are yummy! 

Next up is the carrot and beet treats, they are by a company called Shoo and if I’m feeling nice I can even share them with my humans! 

And lastly are the Biozoo mini bones mmmmmm yummy! 

Dee tells me that we get all this for only £19 per month, I’m a chewer so Dee says that I get an extra toy in each months box, there are a few different options to choose from depending on the size of dog and how long you want the subscription for, also you can pay extra for an additional toy! The box comes in the post wrapped and ready to open! 

Check out their website  or if outside the U.K 

They also have a instagram account for you to check out @vivadogs_uk (if your in the U.K) or search instagram @vivadogs_  and your country should be listed.

Stay tuned for more blog posts! 

Thank you readers and until next time


2 thoughts on “Vivadogs box!! ”

    1. Hi!! They are really good, I’ve found the toys are good quality, most months I get at least one Kong toy and the treats are yummy!! One month there was a great treat in the box by a brand called Churpi, it was a dog chew which lasted ages, when I looked online to buy some I found that for the size I had it was worth more than the whole box! So I definitely think it’s good value for money 😊 I’m getting ready to put this months box up so take a look 👀


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