Tasty treats from Top Collar…..

A few weeks ago I was contacted through my instagram page by Top Collar Treats, they said they would ‘love to send me a free doggy box’ so I thought 💭 why not?? 

So I gave my details and waited for my treats to come………

While waiting the kind lady from Top Collar contacted me to let me know when they should be arriving. 

Top Collar treats are hand made gluten free treats with some awesome flavors, when you subscribe with them they send out a pack of treats each month with some awesome flavors! I will go into more detail further down.

The postman arrived with them!!! I knew they were mine as my picture was on the box!!!! 

I couldn’t wait to open them and try them out! This months flavor was steak and chips! Mmmmmmm yummy 😋 

All the info is clear on the packaging, here is a look 👀 at the back.  And they even tell you what the next flavor is going to be! I can’t wait! 

So Dee kindly opened the pickup for me (as I have paws with no thumbs) and this is what I found inside….

Lovely heart shaped crunchy treats! I couldn’t wait to try them out! And boy are they good! I even shared them with my brothers! Only one though, they are too good to keep giving away!! 

So some of the flavors they have done are, beef Wellington, cheese biscuits, Sunday roast, chicken tagine and full English!! I am so excited to try as many flavors as I can!! 

Thank you Top Collar for my yummy tasty treats! 

Feel free to visit their instagram page @topcollarbox 

Also visit their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/TopCollarPack/ don’t forget to like the page!  

Or pop along to their website http://topcollar.co.uk 

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading 


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