Growing up……

Every girl comes to a time in their life when their body changes, well mine is now and I don’t like it much to be honest.

So a couple of days ago I sat down and when I got up I found blood! I had a good sniff and found that it was from me, I checked and cleaned myself up but Dee noticed it, how embarrassing!! 😱😳

Dee explained to me that I am having my first season and that now I’m becoming a big girl, I sat and listened to what she had to say. 

Dee explained that my body is now changing and I have to be careful around boys. I have to stay on the lead when we are out walking 😔.

Dee got me some special pants so I don’t get blood everywhere but I’m not sure if I like wearing them…… what do you think? 

She also mentioned that I might feel a bit different and boy do I!!! I am a bit more grumpy than normal, growling and shouting at my brothers if they come too close. 

I’ve been told this will only last a couple of weeks and I hope that’s true! 

Wish me luck! Until next time


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