Family tree…..

I thought I would share some photos of my parents and grandparents (the furry ones not the human ones 😜).

I’ve been told I come from very good lines, I don’t know what this means but Dee assures me that it’s a good thing and that I have excellent genes! 

So here goes…….

This is my mum Yemmonie 

Isn’t she beautiful?? 😍 and here she is at 5 months…

Here is my dad Khan…….

I know what your thinking 💭 what a handsome fella! I agree!

Here he is at 5 weeks

At four months…..

Five months….

Six months…..

And finally ten months….

That’s my dad!!!! 

Next up is my grandmother Yantie…..

And my grandfather Jackpot……

Like I was told, I come from excellent lines!!! Dee says she can’t wait to see what I look like compared to all my family! 

Here is a photo next to my mum and dad at around the same age, I think I look a little like both of them! 

That’s all for now……… until next time!


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