Fashion statement part 2….

As promised I am writing the second part of my fashion statement! 

Dee has been waiting for my clothes to arrive and here they are…… 

First up is my sleepwear section so here goes, here are my pajamas, it’s an all in one number.

So comfy for bed.

Next up is my Totoro onesie, Dee loves anime and now I do too! 

That’s it for sleepwear for now.

Next up is my summer wear, it’s now staring to get a little warmer I need some nice summer clothes for my wardrobe.

So here is my nice floral summer dress.

It has a lovely bow on it.

Next is another floral dress 

Here we have my summer party dress which is silky and pretty! This one is for parties! I can’t wait to show it off! 

This is my leopard print jacket, it’s very girlie and I’m told it reversible but I like the leopard print side! Everyone should have some animal print in their wardrobe! 

Now we come to the denim part, to be honest I’m not too sure but I’m told I still look good! 

Here is the denim dress I have it’s a little short but still looks good! 

And here is my denim dungarees! I’m told these NEVER go out of fashion! I think this should be paired with a nice top underneath but it works! 

Lastly is what every dog needs! Their very own backpack!!!!!! Now I can carry my treats and toys with me everywhere! 

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed my fashion show, I know I enjoyed making and writing it!

Stay tuned for my next blog post! 


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