Dress up…….

I got some dress up clothes!!!!!! Every girl loves to dress up, me included although I’m not sure about some of the outfits! 

My human Dee is half Chinese so she thought she would get me an outfit to represent her heritage, here it is…

What do you think?? Pretty cool hey? 😎

My second outfit is a racing car driver, I love to zoom around at top speed so Dee said it’s the perfect outfit for me! 


Then there is the Minion outfit, now I’m not sure about this one but Dee loves minions so I will let her off 😉

And then there’s the Mickey Mouse outfit!  

It has a hood with ears but I have a pair of my own so decided to leave the hood down.

Lastly there is the pirate outfit! 

These outfits are cool right?? So cool 😎 

I have soooo many outfits but these are my fancy dress outfits, Dee said I need my own wardrobe to put them in! 

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to add me on instagram! @Lacey_edwards


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