My brother, my hero!

Now I know I said I would only blog once a week but I couldn’t resist, so although I may not be blogging everyday I will blog as and when the mood takes me 😜

This post is going to be all about my big (and I mean BIG!) brother Rolo.

Let me tell you about him………….. 

Rolo is one of my two brothers I have ( I will do a post on my other brother Taz ). Rolo is an Old Tyme Bulldog cross English bulldog, he is six years old and he is my protector and playmate.

Here I am with him when I was 3 months old, see I told you he is big! I love him and I’m sure he loves me back! He has taught me many things, like how to bark at the door when we think there is someone there, we tell them to go away in our biggest voices! Especially the man in the red coat who pushes things through the door! (Dee told me this human is called a postman).

He has taught me how to play and although he is a lot bigger than me he is VERY gentle! ​


He lets me sleep with him, we cuddle up together and get cosy, our fave thing to do is have an afternoon snooze 😴

He has also taught me how to suckle, he won’t share his suckle pillow with me but he showed me how to do it, he said that it is good for helping me go to sleep 😴 

Unfortunately Dee said she doesn’t have a video of Rolo suckling but we will get one and add it later. 

Here I am with Rolo, he is teaching me my lessons on how to get the humans to do things like give us treats and take us out.

He thinks he rules this house……..All hail king Rolo!!! 

But I’m only letting him think that he is! 

Oh and he stole my bed even though it’s a bit small for him and he has his own bed! 

But I got him back and stole his! 

Even with all the things we disagree on I still love him and he is a great big brother!!!! 


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