Popping my cherry…..

Sorry for not posting in a while, Dee told me that I have some more clothes coming so the next fashion post will have to wait! 

So we have both decided I will post a new blog once a week, thank you for following my adventures.

This week I was a little unwell, I had a thing called cherry eye. Don’t worry though i wasn’t in pain and I am fine! On Tuesday Dee noticed that there was something wrong with my eye so she had a closer look 👀. It turns out it was cherry eye! Here is what it looked like. 

I know what your probably thinking……. “ouch”! But not to worry it didn’t hurt. I felt fine but didn’t like that I looked funny, Dee contacted Chrissie (the lovely lady who helped bring me into the world and also my fur mum and dads human mummy).

For those of you that don’t know, cherry eye is a disorder of the third eyelid, where it prolapses, the third eyelid becomes inflamed and although in the picture above it’s pink, it does go red, hence the name cherry eye! It’s not painful just a bit of an annoyance! It normally happens in younger dogs, but certain breeds are more susceptible to it.

So Chrissie told Dee about massaging the cherry eye back in, which is one way of dealing with it, again it doesn’t hurt. Dee had a look and took Chrissie’s advice and massaged my eye (although she still made the appointment with the vet) and what would you know?? The cherry eye had gone!!

Good as new! 

My appointment at the vets was the next morning so we went along and the vet said that she was pleased with my eye, she was glad that Dee was able to massage it back in but gave her some eye drops just to help bring any swelling down. I like this vet human, she gave me lots of love and told me what a good girl I am! 

When we got home Dee put the eye drops in my eye, I really didn’t like that! But if it helps I will tolerate it, Dee said it’s only for a couple of days just to help me get better! 

Now I am all better I can get back to playing and running!!!! 


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