Fashion statement……

I got some new clothes!!!!!! 

Dee for me some clothes, I’m not sure about them but I will let her try them on me, so prepare yourselves for a small fashion show.

First up I am modelling the outdoor look, this look consists of a check duffel coat and a bobble hat, perfect for those cold and windy days.

Here is the hat on its own….

As you can see it has ear holes in it perfect for my ears to fit in!

To complete the look I added a duffel coat, which has a check pattern with a faux fur trim hood.

It even has handy pockets for my treats!

Next up is my casual look, perfect for a romp up the park or exercise, very comfy and fashionable looking! 

As you can see it has a very popular kitty on it! It comes with a hood just in case there is a light shower while out romping in it.

It’s in a lovely bright pink colour perfect for all the girlies out there, I also have the same suit in a nice yellow colour 

Instead of a Kitty, it has some minion eyes with a smile. I’m not sure which I prefer.

These are my outdoor looks, stay tuned for more soon where I will be modelling my party and sleep wear! 


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