New friends……..

Today Dee took me to a place called Highbury park, I’m not sure where it is but it’s a long way from home. First I had to get on the train. Here I am waiting on the platform.

Next I got on the Tube, that was loud but ok, lots of humans said hello!

We finally arrived at Highbury where I met Red, he is a handsome Frenchie and welcomed me to the park (even if I did bark at him!)

Then not long after many more Frenchies turned up, it was a Frenchie party!! 

Now I can’t remember all the names but here are a few, please meet Rocco, Eric (who skateboards), Dave, Rizzo, Cobbler and of course Red!!!

I had so much fun meeting all these dogs, we ran, chased each other and chewed sticks, I did try to say hello to all the humans at the park, making Dee run after me which was fun.
It was a really good day and thank you from me and Dee to all those who welcomed us both and didn’t mind about me shouting at everything, I was just so excited I had to tell you all! After such a big day I had a snooze on the way home.

And I am now going to settle down and have a good sleep to recharge so night night all! 


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