Brrrrrr it’s cold outside……….

It’s really cold and windy outside and to be honest I really don’t like the wind! It hurts my ears and frightens me a little.

With this in mind Dee decided to make me a couple of jumpers to help keep me warm! 

Here is the first one, it’s a turtleneck jumper and it’s warm and comfy.

Next up is my hoodie that Dee made for me, this one keeps my ears from being hurt by the wind, but to be honest I’m not too sure about it! 

I know not the greatest look but it does the job, I will wear it a night so all my friends don’t see me, hopefully I don’t get arrested by the fashion police 😂

The turtleneck is a bit better, I think it looks more stylish! 

Dee said that she has got some more clothes on the way for me so we will see what she gets! 


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