Playtime at the park…..

Dee took me to the park to meet some other pups and humans, I like the park I get to run around and chase things! My favourite thing to chase is Blue, he is a jack chi and he likes this green thing called a ball, he chases the ball and I chase him! Sometimes I hide and jump at him when he gets close! ​​

All this running around is thirsty work 

Blue has a sister called Becky, she is a little camera shy, she is the blonde in the photo.

There is also another pup called Oakley, he likes to chase sticks! 

Willow and Zen turn up too! That really makes my day having my bestie Willow here! 

I like going to the park to play with all these other pups and running is one of my fave things to do! I can’t wait to go again!


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